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Hamilton passes Verstappen to win F1 Sao Paulo GP******

by F1 correspondent Michael Butterworth。

BEIJING, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton closed the gap on Red Bull's Max Verstappen in the 2021 Formula 1 world championship, overcoming grid penalties to scythe his way through the field and take a brilliant win in Sunday's Sao Paulo Grand Prix.。

A capacity crowd at the Interlagos circuit was treated to yet another classic duel between Hamilton and title rival Verstappen, with the two almost coming to blows once again as they diced for the lead late in the race.。

Successive penalties for a new power unit and a rear wing infringement saw Hamilton line up only tenth on the grid, while Verstappen started second and appeared likely to extend his championship lead.。

But though Verstappen seized the early initiative by snatching the lead from Hamilton's pole-sitting teammate Valtteri Bottas at the first corner, Hamilton made headway of his own and was up to third by lap five, trailing only Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez.。

With his new power unit giving him the edge on the Interlagos circuit's straights, Hamilton breezed past Perez on lap 19 and then set off in pursuit of Verstappen, setting the stage for the season's latest epic battle between the two title protagonists.。

While Hamilton clearly had the faster car, the Briton struggled to get close to Verstappen in the Dutchman's dirty air in the twisty middle section of the circuit, meaning the Red Bull was just out of reach of the faster Mercedes on the straights.。

Hamilton thought he had made it past around the outside of Verstappen at turn four on lap 48, but both cars ran wide onto the run-off area and rejoined the track in their original positions, prompting some commentators to suggest that the Dutchman should be penalized for his robust defense.。

Hamilton would not be denied 11 laps later though, breezing past the Dutchman to take his sixth win of an enthralling season.。

"I was pushing as hard as I could. Coming into this weekend I never, ever thought we would be able to close the gap like we had today. Then these things just kept going against us, but it really shows for everyone, never give up. Never, ever stop fighting and that's how I've approached this weekend.。

"It feels like the first [win] because I don't feel like I've had a win for a long time."

Behind the two title rivals, Bottas rounded out the podium places, with Perez finishing fourth and taking the bonus point for fastest lap.。

The Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz finished fifth and sixth, ahead of Pierre Gasly in his AlphaTauri. Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso took eighth and ninth in their Alpines, with McLaren's Lando Norris rounding out the top ten.。

In the drivers' championship, Verstappen still leads with 332.5 points, but Hamilton has closed the gap to 14 points. Bottas is third on 203 points.。

In the constructors' standings, Mercedes retake the lead and now have 481.5 points, two ahead of Red Bull. Ferrari are third with 269.5.。

The next round of the 2021 F1 world championship is the first ever Qatar Grand Prix on November 21. Enditem。




3月2日,12:00-12:40,兰州拉面馆(万寿路地铁C口附近),随后在旺福便利店(万寿中路11号)购物。18:15-18:45 美食街秦之都冒菜香锅(万寿路地铁站负一层),其余时间在酒店未外出。

3月3日,12:00-12:45,兰州拉面馆(万寿路地铁C口附近),随后在旺福便利店(万寿中路11号)购物;18:20-19:00 牛羊肉泡馍店(华山饭店旁),其余时间在酒店未外出。


    华商报记者   李琳



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Bayern's Nagelsmann trapped in curious home******

By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Online coaching isn't a trendsetting concept for football coaches, said Bayern's head coach Julian Nagelsmann.

"You might be able to do a lot of things for your team. But in my perspective, it's much better to be around in person and get direct access to your players," the Bayern Munich coach said ahead of his team's encounter against Borussia Moenchengladbach this Wednesday evening.

The German Cup game is the third game Nagelsmann will be missing after a positive test last week forced the fully vaccinated 34-year-old into quarantine.

Nagelsmann missed his team's Champions League group encounter against Benfica last week, last weekend's national league game against the TSG Hoffenheim and, he won't be around for the duel in Moenchengladbach.

A new test this Tuesday didn't show the needed results "which means I have to continue doing my job from outside."

The Bayern coach shows light symptoms after he had caught a cold before the positive test.

While the Bayern coach in Lisbon counted on a phone connection out of a hotel, he meanwhile established all necessary items to run his team from a home office with the help of his assistant coaches.

Bayern's media technique staff provided additional tools to his home. "All things I normally keep in my club office have been shifted to here," he said in an online interview.

"Staff members brought a tactic board, which makes things much easier to explain from outside," the coach said.

Nagelsmann added, he set up a command center in his private house and received an update regarding technical options.

"Our analyzing section told me about how to show video clips and speak to the team at the same time. I am often filming things and show it to the team," the former Leipzig manager added.

Nagelsmann admitted to having turned into a frequent phone user "as I before wasn't much on the phone."

Home-office doesn't mean unlimited free time, he said. "I don't relax on my sofa all the time. I still prepare the strategic plans for our matches and do what I always do when things go normal."

Nagelsmann admitted to occasionally watching a movie "but most of the time I am busy with football games and my team's matters."

Having to rely on the home office "tells me every football team needs his coach around. Teams of Bayern's class might do many things automatically but there are several points when it needs the coach's interference."

Nagelsmann said he is far from being bored "as my laptop is constantly in use to prepare our match plan for our team."

While he seemed to have learned a lot about today's technical possibilities, direct face-to-face contact makes things round as not only the playing staff is affected but all club employees.

Nagelsmann said he and the club are in close contact with the health authorities. "The next test is due this Thursday and I hope it doesn't take too long to get the permission to return."

Home office, the Bayern coach added, "isn't what a football coach is dreaming of. It might be suitable for other jobs to some extent, but a coach needs to see his players' eyes and smell grass in daily training routines." Enditem

确保供暖热度 传递民生工程温度——西安高新供暖倒计时******






  新闻记者在走访调查中掌握到,西安高新热力创立了热源,管道网运作,工程项目维修,突发事件处理,紧急安全性 5个重点确保工作组,已在9月底进行加热炉,供热管道网,接管换热站等关键供热设备的全方位维修工作中。

  在生产制造主控室中,生产制造服务部鱼化热源厂场长助手王二龙告知新闻记者,截止到2021年月末,鱼化,融鑫路,三星,紫薇花四座热源厂和 29座分布式系统热源的全部机器设备维检和养护工作中已圆满完成。而且对紫薇花热源厂加热炉开展了提升更新改造;对鱼化,紫薇花热源厂烟筒开展了加宽更新改造,标准烟尘排污口处环境监测的精准定位,提高数据信息精确性。

  据统计,西安高新热力目前 4 座燃气集中化热源,28 座燃气分布式系统热源和 1 座电储热分布式系统热源。2021-2022 年供热期预估供热总面积 3787万㎡,增加 286 万㎡,同比增加 16%。













  西安高新热力不断充分发挥 12345工作中工作组职责,“线上与线下”与此同时解决,迅速处理用热难题。充分发挥“供热大管家”功效,加强综合治理,充分运用建造突发事件处理服务平台作用,完成举报订单接受,发放,解决等整个过程追踪,产生突发事件处理闭环控制,保证订单专职人员承担,件件贯彻落实。







2.若特朗普被定罪 将面临最高10年监禁


4.西藏:对核酸初筛阳性者不再复核 按无症状感染者管理

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